TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing
in the province of Liège: who are we?

Why did we become a producer, importer and seller of Madagascan vanilla?

Vanilla in different forms has been known for a very long time. Its potential market is huge, as it is used in industry (food, cosmetics, etc.) as well as by catering professionals (cooks, ice-cream makers, pastry chefs, etc.) and everyone else. However, vanilla is most often found in powder form or as an artificial chemical flavouring. It is rarer to find it in quantity in the form of beans at a fair price.
This is why our shop TWUM'S' VAINA, located in Seraing, near Liège, can sell our own natural vanilla beans, grown in accordance with the organic criteria of Madagascar, directly.

Our story
TWUM'S' VAINA à Seraing

TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing: fair trade seller of spices and exotic organic food

Our company TWUM'S' VAINA manages the production and importation of our own vanilla from Madagascar. We have also joined forces with other local producers on the island of Madagascar and in African countries (Central Africa, Ghana, etc.) in order to offer you a whole range of exotic products. In our organic shop in Seraing, near Liège, you will find a wide range of spices, coffee, tea, cocoa and other organic and natural foods, all of which are sold both wholesale and retail at reasonable prices.

Don’t delay! Come to TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing and discover our organic foods, spices and vanilla beans from Madagascar.