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TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing takes you on a flavour journey.

A change of scenery guaranteed with the spices and vanilla flavours of TWUM'S' VAINA near Liège.

Through our spices and our real vanilla from Madagascar, we offer you the chance for your taste buds to travel with natural and original flavours. We always tell you the story of our products, their origins, and their expert growers.
Our main asset is direct contact with the local producers in Madagascar and Africa, whose products we know inside out. By going to meet people who consume them regularly and as part of their local traditions, we acquire knowledge about the culture, the origin and uses of the spices that we offer.
When you open the door of TWUM'S' VAINA our organic shop in Seraing, you won’t just find exceptional products, but also you will escape to faraway and exotic lands, full of flavours and aromas.

TWUM'S' VAINA à Seraing

Take advantage of our product knowledge at TWUM'S' VAINA.

For each spice and every food that we offer, we can advise you on its use. The strong-flavoured clove can accompany almost any dish. Cumin, slightly spicy, is a delicious addition to your vegetables. Turmeric, saffron yellow, colours your white meats, rice and potatoes. Combava (also known as Kaffir lime), with its taste of lemongrass, coriander, lemon and ginger, delicately perfumes your salty or sweet dishes. We could talk about it for hours!

Enter TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing, the land of flavours and aromas. Take advantage of our advice and choose your spices!