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The benefits of spices

Spices add flavour and season your cooking. However, they have many other virtues. At TWUM'S'VAINA in Seraing, we are convinced that our spices have benefits for the body.
For example, cloves are known to relieve dental pain. Cumin, which is rich in iron and vitamins C and A, seems to be very effective against respiratory problems, as is fennel. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Fenugreek, which is very nourishing and rich in proteins, has a reputation for making people who are too thin put on weight.

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Tasty recipes thanks to our spices

Knowing how to spice up a dish and blend spices is an art. At TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing, we advise you on how to use them in your recipes:

  • Turmeric colours your dishes with saffron yellow.

  • Combava/ Kaffir lime evokes lemongrass, coriander, lime juice and ginger.

  • Cinnamon, in stick or powder form, can be added to alcohol, rums, sauces, etc.

  • Coriander gives very fragrant, sweet seeds with an aftertaste of orange peel.

  • Ginger, with its slightly pungent flavour, is the spice par excellence. It can be found in almost every cuisine in the world.

  • Nutmeg, with its warm and slightly sweet flavour, is used sparingly, as it is powerful.

  • Fenugreek adds a slight taste of maple syrup and hazelnut.

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To spice up your dishes, follow flavour tips from TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing.