TWUM'S' VAINA organic shop: Mr Twum's vanilla beans in Seraing

Restaurants, ice-cream parlours or private individuals, would you like to obtain spices and vanilla from Madagascar in the province of Liège? At TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing, we welcome you to our organic shop. Here you will find large quantities of vanilla beans as well as many other organic and natural foods from Africa and Madagascar.

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TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing : your flavour importer

At TWUM'S' VAINA in Seraing, we sell real vanilla from Madagascar. We produce, harvest and import the beans that we sell ourselves. You can be sure that everything is local, fair trade and organic. We are connoisseurs of this natural product. Do not hesitate to ask us for information and to place an order. We sell in large quantities to professionals (restaurateurs, ice-cream parlours, etc.) and can deliver to you in the province of Liège. Our shop in Seraing is also open to retail customers and private individuals.

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TWUM'S' VAINA à Seraing

Get your vanilla beans, spices and exotic products in Seraing

At TWUM'S' VAINA, our shop in Seraing, you can buy Madagascan vanilla beans, as well as spices and organic food from Central Africa and Ghana:

  • Drinks : Malt, mango juice...

  • Vanilla : Bean, extract and powder...

  • Spices : Turmeric, curry, cumin, garam masala, peppers...

  • Oils : Coconut, palm, castor...

  • Flours, powders and semolina : Manioc, fufu, maize...

  • Dairy and chocolate products Milo, cane sugar...

  • Rice

  • Exotic fruits and vegetables

  • Accessories : African tablecloths, bags and fabrics, decorations...

Our products

For all your Madagascan vanilla and spices, wholesale or retail, come to TWUM'S' VAINA shop in Seraing.